Custom Designs

Liquid handling automation applications have challenging design requirements and needs, because the dynamics of the labs and diagnostic fields are high and demanding. We are not limited to design and develop only liquid automation solutions but also the components that are related to sample preparation, such as centrifuging, heating&cooling, units for bead separation,  special rack designs and others.

Our infrastructure and manufacturing partners around the world enable us to access the community of engineers to design & build state of art solutions and get products to market faster. We provide our customers and partners with custom applications and/or solutions that suit their needs.

Our main custom design services includes;

  • Design studies
  • Conceptual design
  • Calculation and simulation
  • Electronic circuit design¬†
  • Software
  • UI design
  • Customizing and optimizing of applications
  • Prototyping
  • Series production
  • Reliability tests
  • Repair service of laboratory devices?