We are a biomedical company that innovates and develops technologies for the benefit of health sciences.

Ariumlab is a brand of Glamarium OÜ, an Estonian company that is established in 2019.

AriumLab designs and builds innovative solutions for the specific needs of biomedical laboratories. Our main focus is liquid handling and automation for advanced sample preparation and biomedical researches. AriumLab builds highly flexible and modular automation solutions that help its clients to easily adapt their laboratory routines rapidly and without any problems. Additionally, Ariumlab designs & develops laboratory apparatus and OEM devices to help scientists to achieve high-quality results.

We have specific knowledge in:

  • Designing and controlling electronic pipetting modules
  • Precise liquid handling 
  • Designing multi-headed electronic pipetting modules
  • Miniaturization of conventional techniques.
  • New drive technologies in the combination with pipetting modules, heater&cooler blocks, clamping mechanisms

Ariumlab has unique solutions and designs for pipetting systems and mechanisms, liquid handling robot control, modularity of the liquid handling robot, and magnetic separation racks. Ariumlab intends to develop its technologies further and innovate continuously.

We consist of smart, highly creative, and curious individuals who have passion for innovation, technology, and engineering. Manufacturing of all the parts is done under our supervision and all the provided products are assembled in house. We run the necessary tests to satisfy our customers.

Our customers include life-science research laboratories, university medical centers, and drug discovery laboratories in pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.