Glamarium OÜ is a life science company located in Estonia. Since 2019, Glamarium has been dedicated to developing and producing innovative solutions for the life science and molecular diagnostics market under the brand Ariumlab. We have more than 80 products that are being used in 30 different countries by 100s of labs. Ariumlab’s expertise and trusted collaboration give our customers the highest confidence in our solutions. We provide laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, and expertise enabling customers space to innovate in their fields.

We are absolutely aware that researchers need to access state-of-the-art tools to make scientific breakthroughs. Our mission is to create new and unique products for scientists so that they can make these scientific breakthroughs faster.

Our expertise lies on magnetic bead isolation systems, passive cooling and heating blocks, as well as liquid handling systems and modules such as sample cooling & heating modules, shaking, liquid automation. All provided products are designed and manufactured in house. We are dedicated to only producing top quality parts at the highest standards under ISO 9001 directives. Additionally, all products created by Ariumlab are developed and released through a controlled process with supporting documentation. We use latest technologies to produce high quality parts with a great craftsmanship to ensure high-performance and seamless operation.

We understanding, complex problems require clear and simple but highly innovative solutions. Our pursues a holistic design driven approach, which allows achieving a radical shift in perspective. This enables Ariumlab to realize liquid handling automation beyond the boundaries of traditional approach. As a turnkey solutions provider, we offer the full process chain from concept, through prototyping, development, production, installation and after sales service. The interdisciplinary in-house team of designers, and engineers as well as the constantly growing standardized of modules, keeps Ariumlab constantly ahead of their competition and assures attractive lead times and cost effective solutions.

Glamarium OÜ

Founded in 2017 in Tallinn, started the business by designing and manufacturing satellite and ground station parts. Using the same technology and combining years of experience in biomedical engineering, Ariumlab brand is created to develop innovative solutions and systems for Life Science and molecular diagnostics.

We became one of the partners of TTÜ100 satellite program by designing the solar panel hinge system and manufactured, Satellite Frames, Hinges System, Battery Holder, PCB Shield, Reaction Wheel Assembly and Tungsten Fly Wheels.

We took the responsibility of supplying the parts for the hearth of the Ground Station. We delivered the gears, whole moving parts and structural part that holds the dish one side and attaches the cone on the other.


We designed and developed our first full scale liquid handling robot with a modular single and multi-channel pipetting options.

We designed and developed our first magnetic rack for magnetic bead separation.


We designed and developed world’s first blood plasma stabilization device (BPSI) for safer blood sample transportation with preserved cfDNA.

Won Entrepreneurial award for BPSI project by University of Twente, Netherlands.

We designed and developed world’s first magnetic levitation plates for efficiency. This effect prevents the tip damage when the tip meets with the bottom, and maximizes the usage of the reagents and samples.


We designed and developed continuous flow pipetting device for fast and cost effective filling. Highly precise filling and adjustable between 5ul to 1mL volumes.