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Founded in 2017 in Tallinn, started the business by designing and manufacturing satellite and ground station parts. Using the same technology and combining years of experience in biomedical engineering, Ariumlab brand is created to develop innovative solutions and systems for Life Sciences and Molecular Diagnostics. We innovate, develop and manufacture manual and automated systems. We constantly follow new trends and develop our products to adapt to the changes and the needs of our customers, so that our customers can innovate more.

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We are experts in magnetic bead isolation systems, cooling and heating blocks. Our magnetic separation racksmagnet platescooling platescooling blocks and tube holders are used all around the world by hundreds of customers.

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Magnetic Separation Racks

High-performance magnetic separations racks for DNA and RNA isolation are designed to fit the needs of all biomedical laboratories. All racks are designed according to the needs of high-end users and tested on the field. Our 15ml magnetic separation rack and 50ml magnetic separation racks have a unique design that allows up to 30% more efficiency than any other rack on the market. From 0.2ml magnetic rack to 50 ml magnetic rack, we cover almost all the magnetic separation rack products for laboratories.

Magnet Plates – Manual and Easy Automation

Ariumlab magnet plates provide optimal separation of any magnetic beads from your samples. Different magnetic plates are designed to fit manual and automation needs of biomedical laboratories. All Ariumlab magnetic plates are compatible with most of the automation equipment and has SBS footprint. Our magnetic plates are the best choice for automation and for robotic applications to compensate the errors in automated liquid handling robots.

Blocks for Cooling and Heating

CoolBlocks are designed to uniformly conduct thermal heat and achieve high efficiency and to eliminate the variable temperature problems when your samples are placed directly into ice, dry ice or nitrogen. Your samples are uniformly cooled or heated across the all wells in constant temperature. Once directly placed onto a heat source, the CoolBlock rapidly adapts to the temperature and uniformly distribute it around your samples such as tissue, virus, bacteria, and enzymes.

Tube Holders – For Automation

AriumLab 50ml tube holders and 15ml tube holders are compatible with automated platforms. The aluminum base provides stability and maximum efficiency during aspirating and dispensing operations. Tubes can be prepared on your lab bench using tube holder and then placed into your liquid automation system. Custom holders can be designed for specific applications and needs.

About Ariumlab

Our company is known with its uniques designs and solutions for magnetic separation racks. Everyday we are widening our product range and focusing more on more automation solutions for sample handling. Our main goals has always been to give outstanding service to our customers, produce robust products that are delivered on time with the best quality.

We are an engineering and manufacturing company that is located in Tallinn, Estonia. We design and manufacture equipments for magnetic bead isolation systems, passive cooling and heating blocks, as well as liquid handling systems such as sample cooling & heating modules, shaking, liquid automation and more.

We are experts in magnetic bead isolation systems, cooling and heating blocks. Our magnetic separation racks, magnet plates, cooling plates, cooling blocks and tube holders are used all around the world by hundreds of customers.