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Levitation 24G-L

Levitation Series plates are designed specifically for robotic applications and efficiency. Top plate is levitated with a magnetic field which acts like a cushion for the tips when they hit the bottom of the well. This keeps your tips and tubes undamaged and, significantly reduces waste of your precious reagents. Levitation 24G-L magnet plate is designed for Whatman™ 24-Well 10mL plate

24G Magnet Plate

24G magnet plate with 48 ring magnets is used for bead separation from larger sample volumes. Dual ring magnets enables the magnetic beads to be collected efficiently and rapidly. 24G magnet plates are designed for large elution volumes and can easily used in automated platforms. 24G Magnet Plate is compatible with many automation systems and has SBS footprint and designed for Whatman™ 24-Well 10mL plate .