Designed for Automation

Levitation Series plates are designed specifically for robotic applications and efficiency. Top plate is levitated with a magnetic field which acts like a cushion for the tip when it hits the bottom of the well. This keeps your tips and tubes undamaged, and significantly reduces waste of your precious reagents.

Magnetic Levitation

We designed world’s first magnetic levitated plates for your efficiency. The magnetic levitation is enables the plate to become sensitive to small forces. This effect prevents the tip damage when the tip meets with the bottom, and maximizes the usage of the reagents and samples. Your solutions are not wasted and the pipetting procedure is improved.

Magnetic Separation

96 round enclosed magnets maximize the magnetic efficiency. This enables the beads to collect more than 4.5mm above bottom which makes it easy to aspirate, wash and eluate our reagents efficiently. Levitation plates compensate of tolerances between the hard surface and pipetting system up to 3 mm that enables maximum precision in pipetting with many protocols.

Cooling Block with Elevation

Cooling blocks are designed to come through to positioning problem and be able to get every single drop of the solution. In addition, the body can achieve high efficiency in terms of uniform heat transfer. Holes that are precisely opened to tightly fit the tubes for better thermal conductivity.