Customized Liquid Automation Platforms

We’ve developed a distinctive and cost-effective platform that’s tailor-made to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s PCR preparation or tube filling, our platform offers customization options such as slot numbers, dispensed volume, and integrated systems including heating & cooling, tilting, and magnetic deck functionalities. With our user-friendly software, setting up and executing complex protocols is a breeze. Moreover, we offer the flexibility to configure our platform to operate as a closed system if required.

Customized Modules for Liquid Handling Platforms

We specialize in designing and developing personalized liquid handling solutions tailored to your needs. Our offerings encompass a wide range of crucial components, including advanced heating and cooling thermoblocks, magnetic bead extraction systems, and tilting modules, all geared towards streamlining your processes and enhancing efficiency. Leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge, we adeptly customize modules to align with your budget constraints and intricate specifications for liquid automation systems. These modules are well-suited for various robotic applications and seamlessly integrate into your setup, ensuring the dependable operation of your high-performance instrumentation.

Custom Magnetic Racks and Plates

At Ariumlab, we boast extensive expertise in magnetic bead separation solutions, harnessing years of experience to craft top-tier products tailored for professional users. Our track record includes the design and development of numerous custom magnetic racks and plates, with ongoing dedication to innovation. We’re committed to providing innovative solutions that offer you a competitive edge without compromising on affordability. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your requirements – all we need is a thorough description of your needs, and we’ll take it from there.

Microfluidic Manifolds and Microchip Production

We specialize in providing manufacturing services for microfluidic manifolds and microchips, with a shared commitment to achieving functional and reproducible end products. Our approach involves guiding customers to consider manufacturability from the project’s inception. By making informed design choices early on, we mitigate errors and avoid unnecessary costs down the line. Once the product is poised for manufacturing, we ensure all requisite procedures and documentation are meticulously completed. Throughout the manufacturing process, we maintain rigorous control over every step, conducting thorough testing and diligently reporting all data. With extensive experience in diffusion bonding, we’re capable of handling up to four layers and accommodating flow paths as narrow as 50 micrometers in diameter.

Custom Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) Box Design

We specialize in crafting custom EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) boxes tailored for the transportation of medical products. Our comprehensive service includes both design and manufacturing outsourcing, allowing you to specify the desired density and color for your boxes. EPP material offers several advantages over traditional plastic thermoformed packages, including being 25% lighter, which maximizes the quantity of merchandise shipped. Additionally, EPP is fully recyclable, provides excellent thermal insulation, enhances stackability, and optimizes container space utilization due to its flexible packaging shapes.

Engineering and Design of Laboratory Equipments

As the premier OEM manufacturer in the industry, we specialize in producing products for robotics platforms and unique custom applications. Our approach to every project begins with a fundamental question: “What problem can we help you solve?” Drawing on our extensive experience and expertise, we collaborate closely with you to develop and bring to fruition your product concepts and customized laboratory equipment.

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