12×2 0.2mL Magnetic Rack

Catalog Number: 0020-122-24
Volume 0.2mL
Wells 24
Features Standard


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Magnetic Racks

Racks for 0.2 ml Tubes

12×2 0.2ml Magnetic Rack

High-performance magnetic separations racks for DNA and RNA isolation are designed to fit the needs of all biomedical laboratories. All our magnetic racks are tested on the field by professionals and our products are chosen for the best magnetic bead separation.

Flexible Solutions

Different options are possible. Racks with the cap holder is also desired when contamination is a concern .

Durable Material

Separation racks are made from military grade aluminium and hard coating is applied.

Better Separation

Angled bottom bracket allow tubes to come close to magnets and allows best separation

Strong Magnetic field

More than one neodymium magnet is used for each tube.


0.2 ml magnetic racks are designed for PRC strips and 0.2ml tubes. Strong magnets are used for maximum performance and magnets are placed in the perfect location for a better magnetic bead attachment.

Catalog Number 0020-122-24
Product Name 12×2 0.2mL Magnetic Rack
Color White
Dimensions 118 x 36 x 34 mm
Number of Wells 24
To use with 0.2mL Tubes



Fast Separation

Strong neodymium magnets and intelligent design enables beads to collect much faster than other products on the market.

Durable Design

Material with high chemical resistance is used to produce the racks. That makes the rack to be used for years with confidence.

Reliable Results

Thanks to the stable design and tight tolerances, tubes are secured intheir places and positioned to the magnet as closely as possible.

Competitive Price

Material with high chemical resistance is used to produce the racks. That makes the rack to be used for years with confidence.


Use the product in medium room temperatures, but it is better to store them in a cold, dry place below 45°C (113°F)

Warning! Avoid exposing to direct sunlight or artificial UV radiation forlengthy periods of time since the magnet material may become brittle.



Use 70 percent isopropyl alcohol or a 1 percent sodium hypochlorite solution to clean. Spray and/or wipe.


Avoid submerging in aqueous solutions and exposing self to your water or aqueous solutions for long periods of time.


When exposed to harsh solvents, clean with a moist cloth.


NB! The Ariumlab magnetic products should not be autoclaved.


For research uses only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.