Cenbot is a unique device that preserves blood plasma just after the blood is drawn.

Syringe Holder Block

Tube Placement Hole

Touch Screen Panel

Door Lock

Syringe Cap Removing&Replacing Area

The device is specially designed for

Fertility Clinics

Cancer Clinics

Donor Clinics

No More!

Expensive Tubes

Shelf Life Constraints

Temperature Constraints

High Transportation Costs

Transportation Restrictions







Touch Screen Panel

Designed for error proof usage with easy to use user interface. 5” screen enables to observe the process of liquid transfer while the device is working.

Built in Barcode Reader

Barcode or qr-codes can be easily read with the help of the camera that is placed into the device.

Tube Detection | Plasma Level Detection

The device detects the tubes and lets the user know whether the amount of the blood in the tubes is sufficient for the process or not. After centrifugation, the device detects plasma level and controls the needle tip to extract only the plasma from the blood tube.

Web-App User Interface

CenBot uses the internet to communicate and can be controlled via specifically designed webapp. Samples are tracked and logged by the system. Shipping information can be printed and pasted on the packages.

CENBOT Technical Specifications

Dimensions W62cm x D60cm x H50cm (open) | W38cm x D31cm x H65cm (closed)
Weight 22 kg
Precision and accuracy 3 ml ±%2 Plasma Extraction or 5 ml ±%3 Plasma Extraction**
Capacity On sample at a time, ( Can be extended up to 4 samples at a time*)
Functions Centrifugation Upto 4000 rpm – 1500g
Plasma Extraction and Injection
Automatic Syringe Cap Removing and Replacing
Safety Door Lock and Door Sensing | Automatic Fault Sensing
Consumables Standard Syringe – Standard 15m Vacutainer – Plasma collection tube


CENBOT Plasma Collection Tube Specifications

Tube type Plastic (PET)
Tube Volume 5ml Nominal liquid capacity
Shelf Life 24 months
Storage Temperature 6° C – 36 ° C
Shipping Temperature 6° C – 36° C
cfDNA Preservation Duration 30 days


The Competence Centre on Health Technologies, CCHT

Testing and Validation Partner

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