4x50mL CoolBlock

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Cylindrical Bottom


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Cooling Blocks

Blocks for 15mL – 50mL Tubes

4x50mL CoolBlock

CoolBlock Modules are suggested in applications where your reagents should be cooled or heated uniformly across the wells with ±0.1℃ temperature difference. They can be autoclaved and can be cleaned with alcohol and other disinfectants.

  • Eliminates variable temperature problems that can occur when tubes are placed directly in ice.
  • Uniform temperatures for extended periods of time.
  • Quickly adapts to the new temperature.
  • Ideal for use on ice, dry ice, in water baths and in liquid nitrogen.
  • Autoclavable


4x50mL CoolBlock > Cooling blocks are designed to uniformly conduct thermal heat and achieve high efficiency. Your samples are uniformly cooled or heated across the all wells in constant temperature (±0.1℃).

Catalog Number 5000-CB0-04
Product Name 4x50mL CoolBlock
Color Naturel Anodize
Dimensions 88 x 88 x 105 mm
Number of Wells 4
Well Shape Cylindrical
To use with 50mL Falcon Tubes
Distance Between Wells – Row 40mm
Distance Between Wells – Column 40mm