Levitation G-96PLT

Catalog Number: 710X-812-96
Wells 96
Features Automation (SBS) , Leviation


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Levitation Plates

Levitation G-96PLT

AriumLab Leviation plates provides tips to reach the bottom of the well without bending or breaking the tip.This way your reagents are not wasted and the pipetting procedure is improved. Levitation G-96PLT magnet plate is compatible with many microplate protocols.

All microplate types such as PCR plates, deep well plates, U- & V-bottom plates and most skirted, non-skirted, and semi-skirted 96-well PCR plates are compatible with Levitation G-96PLT. You can always contact our specialist if you are unsure about the compatibility. Please check our catalog for more information.

Magnetic Separation

96 round enclosed magnets maximize the magnetic efficiency. This enables the beads to collect more than 4.5mm above bottom which makes it easy to aspirate, wash and eluate our reagents efficiently. Levitation plates compensate of tolerances between the hard surface and pipetting system up to 3 mm that enables maximum precision in pipetting with many protocols.

Do not waste your reagents & samples!

  • Eliminates the risk of tip crashing.
  • Maximizes your efficiency.
  • Compansetes automation errors.
  • Easies your setup time
  • Protects your samples.
  • Easy to use and compatible with automation systems.
  • Enables better and safe separation.


Compatible PCR plates:

  • Skirted PCR Plates
  • Semi-Skirted PCR Plates
  • Non-Skirted PCR Plates

Compatible Cell Culture plates:

  • 96-well round bottom plates
  • 96-well flat bottom plates
  • 6, 12, 24-well plates

You can always contact our specialist if you are unsure about the compatibility. Please, check our catalog for more information.


Levitation Series plates are designed specifically for robotic applications and efficiency. Top plate is levitated with a magnetic field which acts like a cushion for the tips when they hit the bottom of the well. This keeps your tips and tubes undamaged and, significantly reduces waste of your precious reagents.

Catalog Number 7100-812-96
Product Name Levitation G-96PLT
Color Blue Anodize
Dimensions 127.6 x 85.6 x 20 mm
Number of Wells 96
Volume Range Max: 2mL Min: 10uL
To use with 96 well Microplates. With adapter: PCR Strips, 0.2mL Tubes
Distance Between Wells – Row 9mm
Distance Between Wells – Column 9mm