15×1.5-2.0mL CoolBlock

Catalog Number: 0150-CB0-15

1.5mL & 2.0mL




Cylindrical Bottom




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Cooling Blocks – Blocks for 1.5-2.0mL Tubes

15×1.5-2.0mL CoolBlock

CoolBlock Modules are suggested in applications where your reagents should be cooled or heated uniformly across the wells with ±0.1℃ temperature difference. They can be autoclaved and can be cleaned with alcohol and other disinfectants.

  • Eliminates variable temperature problems that can occur when tubes are placed directly in ice.
  • Uniform temperatures for extended periods of time.
  • Quickly adapts to the new temperature.
  • Ideal for use on ice, dry ice, in water baths and in liquid nitrogen.
  • Autoclavable


NOT Compatible with automated platforms.

High Performance

Keep samples dry and ice cool for hours without direct contact with the heat source (ice, dry ice, liquid Nitrogen).

Fastly adapts temperatures

Ice: +25˚C to +4˚C in approx. 3mins

Dry Ice: +25˚C to -100˚C in approx. 10mins

Nitrogen: +25˚C to -150˚C in approx. 15mins

Easy to Clean

Can be autoclaved and/or cleaned with alcohol and other disinfectants


15×1.5-2.0mL CoolBlock > Cooling blocks are designed to uniformly conduct thermal heat and achieve high efficiency. Your samples are uniformly cooled or heated across the all wells in constant temperature (±0.1℃).

Catalog Number 0150-CB0-15
Product Name 15×1.5-2.0mL CoolBlock
Color Naturel Anodize
Dimensions 115 x 70 x 38 mm
Number of Wells 15
Well Shape / Hole Diameter Cylindrical / 11.1mm
To use with 1.5-2.0mL Tubes
Distance Between Wells – Row 25mm
Distance Between Wells – Column 22mm